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5 Best Dual Tip Markers – Pen Sets for Art, Fabric and Writing

Dual tip markers are useful for many different arts and crafts. In this guide, we’ve created a list of the best markers on the market that have two tips. They come in a few different styles and what is best for canvas might not be best for your bullet journal or notebook. With the options on our list, there’s something for everyone.

What Are Dual Tip Markers?

Simply put, these are markers that have one ink reservoir, but a tip on either end. These tips are in different thicknesses. Thinner nibs are great for detailing, whereas thicker tips can fill larger areas or create larger writing and blocks of text. The broader side is great for calligraphy, too.

You can use dual tip markers for craft projects with the kids, painting and drawing on rocks, or for intricate artwork. Because of the level of detail you can get from two tips, they are great for outlining before you get out your paints.

Best Dual Tip Markers

Crayola Brush & Detail Dual Tip Markers – Best For Kids

When you think of the brand Crayola, you might think of crayons and kids art sets. The Crayola signature series is far more professional, and these dual tip pens can be used by kids or adults alike.

The promo image for these markers shows an incredible “line and wash” effect. This has been created by using the fine end to outline, and the brush end to fill and add the “wash” in a watercolor style.

The neat set comes in a decorative tin. The 16 markers provide a brush end and an ultra-fine tip for a total of 32 styles to work with.

These pens can be used for all sorts of arts and crafts, but the brush end is particularly good for calligraphy or other forms of lettering and handwriting.

The pens are non-toxic, with manufacturer advice saying kids age 9 and up can use them unsupervised.


  • Great for hand lettering.
  • Easy storage in the tin.


  • Not enough colors for most professional uses.

Lanrengwen 120 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens – Best Color Selection

This set is huge and gives so many options to artists and hobbyists.

The access to 120 colors means that you can achieve pretty much any look you want, and the pens come in a fantastic storage pouch so they are even portable.

If you want a model for your kids that is mess-free, these are a very good option to ensure they have all the colors they want. Though they are affordable enough for kids to use, they actually have a professional feel to them.

Check the current price of the Lanrengwen pen set here.

You can use the 0.4mm fineliner or the 1-4mm brush to allow you to create a range of brush-stroke styles and outlines. This is a great set of dual tip pens for artists, and many have used this set to great effect. A lot of people seem to be using these pens for adult coloring books, too. The benefit of this is the number of colors.

The ink is odorless and non-toxic.

The manufacturers describe the uses as “drawing, illustrations, calligraphy, card making, stamping, color books” as well as many other art and craft activities. You might not have heard of the brand, but don’t let that put you off. This huge choice of colors makes this one of the best dual tip pens sets you can buy.


  • A huge choice of colors.
  • Great value-for-money.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Not as portable as some other sets.

Amazon Basics Dual Tip Brush Pens – Best Blendable Dual Tip Pens

Blendable ink makes these some of the best pes for artists who want access to the full spectrum of colors.

This set from Amazon comes in 12, 24 or 52 packs. This means that you can choose how many pens you want. If you want a portable setup, you can even get the 12 or 24 pack knowing you can mix other colors if you need.

The blending is easy. Water-based, odorless ink is blended on the paper, and it doesn’t even bleed through paper (assuming a high gsm, artist paper). You can use the no-color blending pen to mix, or to layer up colors. The end result is a watercolor look without the mess.

There is a bullet-shaped fineliner tip on one side. This is good for detail and outlining or some shading styles. The brush tip reacts to pressure. The harder you press the thicker and bolder the strokes.

As well as art uses, this is great for embellishments, watercolor style drawings or even calligraphy and handwriting.


  • Blending option means limitless shades.
  • Available in 12, 24, and 52-packs.
  • Good value.


  • It takes a bit of practice to get good at blending.

Super Markers Unique Colors Dual Tip Fabric & T-Shirt Marker

If you are looking for color markers for using on t-shirts and canvas shoes then these are an ideal dual-tip model.

There are two sets. One has pastel colors while the other has “primary”. This means many different hues and colors to work with. On top of this, you can buy a set with all 40 if you want the maximum options.

The rich pigments color all kinds of fabrics from socks to denim to t-shirts. The colors even resist fading, so you won’t find your designs wash out after a couple of cycles.

One tip is a “bullet” style for detailing and the other is “chisel” for broad strokes.

There are a variety of other uses, such as quilting or even drawing on face masks. Whether you want to customize your wardrobe, or you’re looking for a fun activity to do with the kids, these can be useful pens. They work on some canvas, too, but they aren’t designed for this. We recommend sticking to fabrics.

Check the current price of these fabric markers here.


  • Don’t fade in the wash.
  • Great for adding detail and customization.


  • Not good for use on other mediums.

Tombow TwinTone Markers – Best For Writing

If you are looking for markers for design and writing, such as calligraphy or even journaling, you might opt for the Tombow TwinTone.

Tombow is an expensive brand, and they offer some fantastic, professional-quality pens that can be good for writing and drawing. There are some markers in the range that mimic brush pens. These markers are better for anyone with a bullet journal or who wants to add some embellishment and design.

Are Tombow pens worth it? They’re great quality. For artists, they have a lot of fantastic brush pen models. If you are in the market for reliable pens then you really can’t go wrong, though they may cost more than some other brands.


  • Fineliner and 0.8mm tips, great for writing.
  • Reliable and long-lasting pens.


  • Not as good for art use as some competing models.
  • Quite expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are “Brush” Pens?

Many of the top double-tipped pens have one end that is “brush” in design. This simply means that it mimics the feel of a brush, and allows you to create similar effects.

What are dual brush pens used for? Instead of dipping a paintbrush in ink, you can actually use a brush pen to create a similar effect. A lot of artwork that is made with these dual tip markers look like they could have been made by painting on canvas. Some even mimic watercolors.

Check out this video for an excellent example of what brush pens can do!

Benefits of Dual Tipped Markers

Having two tips means one end is best for outlining, while the other is good for filling larger areas. With calligraphy and handwriting, both sides of the pen can be useful.

Other benefits of dual-tipped markers include:

  • They are great for avoiding the mess caused by painting.
  • Using pens instead of paint means no wasted ink. Just put the lids on after use.
  • Some of these pens are blendable so you can create custom colors.
  • They all come in some form of carry case for easy storage.

What Can Dual Tipped Pens Be Used For?

A lot of people ask the uses of these pens. It depends on the model you actually buy, but they tend to have a huge range of applications. If you want a pen that can be more useful for art, such as drawing and painting, brush pens are perfect. Many fine markers are better for detailing and drawing. A dual pen is a way to give you the best of both worlds.

Below, we’ve included an amazing image that shows what kinds of artwork you can create with dual tip brush pens.


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Dual-tipped pens such as brush pens, and markers, can be just as useful for children and professional artists. There are many models on the market today, and you can make a choice based on your own needs.

Enjoy virtually limitless creation options by choosing the best dual tip pens and brush pens for you.

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